What is Cranio Sacral Therapy?

     CranioSacral therapy is a non-invasive, hands on healing technique which gently supports the body’s ability to self-restore and self-regulate by addressing restrictions in the CranioSacral system. This system is comprised of membranes and fluid that surround, protect, and nourish the brain and spinal cord. When the CranioSacral system is healthy and vibrant, the entire body and psyche benefits. Traumatic events in the birth and life of a child or adult may cause stress. Often, it is this stress that leads to symptoms throughout the body which may return if the CranialSacral system is left unattended.  CranioSacral therapy addresses this core stress for sustained recovery. 

How Cranio Sacral Therapy Works

     In a session, I listen deeply to the body to assess where there are restrictions that can compromise your baby’s health and development. I gently allow these to unwind and release. For the tongue-tied babies there is often a tightness in the neck that further restricts mobility of the tongue. If the tongue can’t move properly - the baby develops an inefficient suck/swallow pattern, which may cause: gas, colic, sleep and bonding issues. Sometimes CranioSacral therapy is enough to release minor tongue restrictions and the tongue tie surgery would not be necessary. Otherwise it is useful to have a session pre-surgery to loosen the tongue as much as possible, as well as after, to realign the body tissues for support this new, freer tongue movement.  I recommend CranioSacral therapy for all babies, because birth can be traumatic, causing fascial twists that can follow the baby for life.