"Amy Berkman is my go-to Cranial Sacral Therapist when I need to refer a baby out for bodywork.  I have never had a family not see results after Amy has worked with their baby.  She is gentle, thorough and intuitive and always seems to get to the heart of every baby's unique structural issues.  Amy brings a respectful and reverential energy to her sessions that babies and parents appreciate.  Having Amy to refer my clients to is an essential adjunct to my lactation practice."

                                                                                  - Barbara Cohen   IBCLC, LLLL  Board Certified Lactation Consultant

"My son John has been receiving early intervention services, speech therapy, special education, and occupational therapy for eight months. It was not until John started receiving CranioSacral Therapy that we started noticing changes. The very first session with Amy produced results that were unbeliveable. John finally makes eye contact with adults and children, has begun to use words and has not only allowed us to touch him, but seeks attention."

                                                                               - Colleen Ferraiol, mother of John, 2.8 year old twin, born prematurely

"Amy Berkman has been working with my twenty month old daughter twice per week for nearly one year. Edie was showing physical and emotional developmental delays due to sensory processing problems. After just three weeks of CranioSacral therapy sessions twice per week for 30 minutes, we saw dramatic improvement in Edie -- she began to crawl, she pulled up to standing for the first time, she became more welcoming to strangers, less fearful and far less hypersensitive to touch. I would recommend CranioSacral and Amy Berkman for problems such as Edie's without reservation." 

                                                                             - Andrea Wolfe, mother of Edie, 20 months

"Amy has been treating both of my sons with CranioSacral therapy and the results are amazing. You can see immediate results. My 2 year old has torticollis, PDD and sensory integration disorder. My 5 month old  has torticollis and suffered from 3rd degree burns on his face and shoulder as a result of an accidental spill from hot tea. As a Physical Therapist myself, I can see her hands are so in tuned with their bodies and she works incredibly well with children. She has a natural gift in understanding CranioSacral therapy."

                                                                               - Cori Ehrenberg