Client & Professional Testamonials

"Amy Berkman is my go-to Cranial Sacral Therapist when I need to refer a baby out for bodywork.  I have never had a family not see results after Amy has worked with their baby.  She is gentle, thorough and intuitive and always seems to get to the heart of every baby's unique structural issues.  Amy brings a respectful and reverential energy to her sessions that babies and parents appreciate.  Having Amy to refer my clients to is an essential adjunct to my lactation practice."

    - Barbara Cohen   IBCLC, LLLL  Board Certified Lactation Consultant

"I almost came to terms with the fact that my 9 month old son has a hearing failure (due to excessive fluid behind eardrums). After having failed all hearing tests and trying so many methods of healing, one more option was left to try- cranial therapy. With hesitancy, I had Amy start to work on him, and after a couple of sessions, I went for a hearing test... For the first time in his life did his formerly failing ear pass the test!  Now I started my 4 year old daughter on the therapy for a different issue, and I'm already seeing results... Amy does it in such a way that it's so subtle, and yet the changes come.   Truly amazing!  I am so grateful to Amy Berkman."             

- Kitty T.   Brooklyn, NY